Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wedding Season!

It's officially wedding season! I'm so excited about the orders I've been working on lately. The latest was for a bride in Texas who was in a pickle and needed some cake bunting for her wedding this weekend. Her theme was, bright, happy, vintage...umm..yes please!

And her bridesmaids dresses you ask? Freakin' Adorable!

They were custom made by Sohomode.
Check out how amazing these dresses are!

I had so much fun fabric shopping for this project. From the dresses I got a very 60's vibe so I snagged all the vintage fabric I could find.

I can't wait to see the bunting on the cake. It's going to be so cute.

I'm so glad I had a lot of left over fabric because I want to make some large pendants for a summer party or BBQ. So perfect!

P.S. Remember this?....It makes me laugh every single time!
Too much cute for one video.


  1. Those are the prettiest dresses I have ever seen, and I love love love the bunting!

  2. those dresses are so great! and i love the little string thing you made!