Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Link Up: 7 Questions!

Today I'm Linking Up with Gentri Lee for a little segment she calls:

My Funny Photo:
This was taken during our first dance as husband and wife and probably our last dance ever (We're too awkward for dancing). This was right near the end where he decided he was going to try and dip me. I don't think either of our faces scream confidence, but I love it!

1. You're given the choice between a life with
love and trials or loneliness and ease. Pick one.

Life with Love and Trials, no question. Isn't that what marriage is all about?

2. Would you rather live in Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, or Neverland?

I'd have to say Neverland because I've never read anything by J.R.R Tolkein, never read or seen any of the Harry Potter movies, and I've only read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
(Please don't hate me!)

3. Think of your dream home... what style is it?

I can't decide between a classic Bungalow near the beach or a swanky Loft in LA or NY

4. What's currently your favorite song or album?

I don't really have a current favorite but recently I've been listening to The Bird and The Bee on Pandora.

5. Who was the last person you hugged?

The Boy. He gives the best hugs!

6. You have a ticket in your hand, where is it going to take you?

Oh man, tough question! I've always wanted to go to London since I'm
a huge Morrissey fan, but Greece or Italy sound nice too!

7. Who is one blogger you KNOW you'd be BFF's with in real life?

I feel like since I've started blogging I've found quite a few girls that I have a lot in common with but I just stalked their blogs quietly and never had the opportunity to chat with them.

I feel like Kristen from Confessions of a Graphic Design Student would be an awesome BFF. She's sweet, talented, and super cute. From her comments I just get that she is such a caring person and friend.

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P.S. Why my fonts are all funky, I have no clue!?


  1. Hahaha! Looooove the picture!! :D so great. And i love your answers!

  2. Oh my gosh, your picture is hilarious!! What a unique photo :)

    A bungalow near the beach sounds very intriguing!

  3. i love the bird and the bee! and that picture is priceless. cute post :)

  4. Once upon a time would have gone with the NY loft, but now beach bungalow sounds more up my alley!

    That picture is amazing. :)

  5. Thanks Guys! This picture has to be one of my favorites out of the hundreds of photos taken. It's just so "us"!

  6. I love the funny photo!! When I get home I'll be sure to do this!

    I agree regarding marriage!

  7. Your picture is classic! Love it!

    I'm also liking the bungalow style house, pretty pretty!

  8. Um, how am I just reading this?! That is the most darling thing I've ever read! And I'm so down- let's be BFF's! :)

  9. You've NEVER seen a Harry Potter movie? Girl! You are missing out! Come on over and we'll have a Harry Potter movie marathon :) We just bought the biggest box of popcorn we've ever seen in our lives, and easter candy! So we are good to go ;)

  10. Hah! That photo is a classic. You look part terrified part confused. Love it!