Friday, March 23, 2012

Hanging My Head In Shame

I'm about to admit something that may or may not change your opinions of me.

I love trash t.v.


Real Housewives of O.C.

These women are just so ridiculous! It's awesome entertainment.
I mean, look at this:

Next we have Teen Mom...
I guess if MTV isn't going to feature music, I'll take immature girls
getting pregnant with douche bag boys.

They keep it classy...

And how can you not smile when you see Farrah's ugly cry face!?

And my personal favorite:
This next show is kind of new. So new that I don't Tivo it *pat on the back*

I like it because of things like this:

Last but not least, Jersey Shore...Don't judge me!

Entertainment for all ages!

Pauly and Vinny crack me up

Sam is tied with Farrah's ugly cry face.

Now my secret is out there!
Let's see how many followers I lose :)


  1. hahah you wont be losing ME... ;) i am hooked on Dance Moms!! :P its just soo...entertaining- these shows!!!

  2. I'm a reality TV whore too!!! Seriously cracked up so many times in this post. Love the dance chick who wants tacos and that last photo of sammi... hahahaha! I don't understand how people don't find this stuff hilarious. It's SUPPOSED to be stupid!

  3. Hahaha! The "I see you wiff keiffah!" Picture made me laugh out loud so hard! Haha. I love it!

    - Katelyn

  4. I can always count on my blogging ladies to make me feel not so alone! :)