Monday, January 26, 2009


Last night I spent waaayyy to much time browsing the internet and I remembered that way back when I had a Live Journal so I decided to check it out. There were some comments from Kaylie and one of them said "We need to hang out...Soon." Reading this made my heart drop. This was 2 years prior to her death, but could she have known? Was it planned out this far in advance? I know she had attempted it before, but reading this made me feel really guilty. We didnt hangout and I really regret that. I feel like she was warning me, and I ignored it. Ive thought about it plenty of times and I know that there was nothing I couldve done to change her mind even if we did hang out. I've been thinking about her a lot lately and having dreams too. I know shes with me.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I've never really bought into the whole New Years resolution thing but I am a big fan of "list-making". In fact, if it were a sport, I'd be on the all-star team. I have lists everywhere and make them for everything. I suppose the act of being able to say I've accomplished something and crossing it off the list is what I find most appealing (Even if its something as silly as "Take a shower" which I would do with or without writing it down.) So instead of my resolution, heres my list that I would like to accomplish, or come close to by the end of the year:

  1. Go back to school. Its something I definitely plan on doing and wish I could do much sooner. I actually enjoyed it a lot and miss it. I'm hoping to return this summer if I'm able to financially.
  2. Make some tote bags. I got on this tote bag kick a couple of months ago and havent gotten anywhere with it aside from the few bags i've made for myself and the one for Devon. I spent the money on buying them wholesale and they're just sitting in the corner of my room gathering dust. Even if I dont sell them, I'd like to make some cute ones and give them away.
  3. Make new friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my old friends but I'm lonely. Everyones either married or has a baby making it almost impossible to plan something, not to mention the distance between Hemet and Long Beach. I want the confidence to go out and make friends (On my own, not with Blake playing matchmaker, although I'm very grateful for his attempts to find me friends.)
  4. Maybe, possibly, hopefully find some sort of love interest, even if its with myself. Charlies told me numerous times that I cant be happy with someone until I'm happy with myself, and I'm starting to believe him. If I could just love myself, I'd be content being alone and maybe Mr. Right will find me when I least expect it.
  5. Lose some weight...of course, the #1 New Years Resolution. But seriously, It needs to be done. I live at the beach for goodness sakes. Not to mention my sister has the perfect super model beach bod! Grrrr....
  6. Find somewhere to intern on my days off to hopefully get my foot in the fashion industry door. Make some connections and get some experience before my real semester internship.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Work has been so slow lately. We have a hard time finding productive things to do to keep us busy so we play with playdoh. This is what I get paid to do.....

This is Koumis. Complete with his fanny pack and lunch box. The resemblance is uncanny.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I decided to start a blog. It seems to be the hip thing to do. I don't know that anyone will ever read it but its much easier then keeping a diary/journal and I'd like to have something to document my life from here on out, no matter how boring it is. As of now I'm not going to school and working everyday. Its usually pretty rough but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. I had an eye exam the other day and now that I finally have my perscription I cannot find the frames I want anywhere!

eather texted me today (Yes, texted! It seems to be my only form of communication) and told
me that Gibson is showing signs of his first tooth. I cant believe how fast he is growing!

And as for the News This Week....

President Obama was sworn in making him our 44th President.


Peanut Butter will kill you.