Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy, Fantastic, Musical Weekend.

What a great weekend! We had shows both days!!
Unfortunately the boy was a tad under the weather, and by a tad I mean really sick.
But he was a trooper and made it to both shows (although he was overly drugged up Sunday due to taking the night time cough syrup on accident :) )

Saturday Night was The National at The Wiltern.

I was so stoked to see them, not only because their new album is amazing, but The National was the first show that Tim and I saw together before he asked me out.
They played almost every song off their new album and all the best songs from their previous stuff. It was soooo good. I highly recommend that you see them live.

They played my absolute favorite song.
(I'm convinced that if Tim and I had a song, this would be it)

Then, Sunday Devon came out and we went to The House of Blues to see The Sweet and Tender Hooligans.

First we went to California Adventure to ride California Screamin..

(As you can see, Tim's partner was less than amused.)

Then we headed over to the House of Blues for the show.
It was amazing, as usual. Concerts are always so much better when you know all the songs and you can sing and dance. Especially these ones because everybody knows all the songs!

(Today I got a tweet from Jose "Mexican Morrissey"-The frontman for the band, asking if I enjoyed the show once Tim sobered up :) )

The show got out earlier than expected so we headed over to Disneyland at around 11:00 to ride Space Mountain.

(My allergies had been bad all day..Just Sayin')

Great weekend, nice seeing my sister, and always amazing spending it with The Boy <3

Monday, May 17, 2010

Questo fine settimana (This weekend in Italian :) )

This weekend started off like so:

12:30 a.m.- Anxiously awaiting the boys arrival while trying to stay awake in a slightly uncomfy chair at L.A.X.

I must have checked the flight status a million times in about 30 minutes. When it finally said,"San Francisco- ARRIVED" my heart almost beat out of my chest, he was home!Then I got the text, ":)" and I knew in minutes he would be in my arms, right where he belonged.

(Side Note: No, he was not in Iraq or on a misson trip. It was only about 3 days but it really seems like a lifetime when you're so attached to someone!)

Then, there he was. Coming down the escalator in his suit looking all grown up and businessman-ish and all I could think about was how lucky I am to have such a handsome boyfriend.


I was so excited because I've never been before and this was a surprise for our 8 month anniversary. As we waited in line to pick up our tickets I quickly scanned the sign stating the do's and do not's of the castle. The very last warning said, " If you or anyone in your party suffers from asthma or severe allergies due to horses, this may not be the show for you." I laughed. How could you possibly be allergic to a horse thats in a massive room, so far away from you!?

As we entered the castle and received our paper crowns we were directed to take a picture with some dude wearing tights (which was later brought to our table and offered to us for the small fee of $20!? Oh, the picture, not the guy in tights)
Eventually we were led into the show where I immediately felt a tickle in my nose and a scratch in my throat. As we sat down at our seat my eyes got itchy and I swear I heard a horse say, "Thats what you get for laughing at our sign!!!"

From there on out, I was a sneezing, coughing, teary eyed, snotty, mess of a person with plate of meat in front of me and a paper crown on my head.
Besides the whole allergy thing it was really fun! I'd like to go again sometime with some allergy meds so I could make it up to Tim. Poor guy. He went to all the trouble of planning it and I had to go and be a party pooper.
But Tim, I really did have fun! :) Mean it!
After that we went to Target, my " happy place" and he bought a record player.
We went home to listen to "High Violet" on vinyl and its even more amazing that way.

We also met up with Blake at the Reno Room for a couple of drinks. This was the first time Tim and Blake met! YAY!

All in all a great weekend!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Last night I got to hangout with Blake for the first time in forever.
It was so much fun! I really do wish we saw each other more frequently.

He's graduating next week!!! I'm soooo very proud of him.
He's going to be famous. You just wait and see!

(I chose this picture b/c it reminds me of when we first met :) )

Not only is he a talented musician and songwriter, he's a great friend.
He's stuck with me through..well, lots of crap and I will be forever
grateful for our friendship.

So in short, Congratulations Blake! You made it!

Love, Jelly Bean

Monday, May 10, 2010

Letting Frustrations Get The Best Of Me...

Dear Frustration,
I hate you.
You come at the worst times and you make me say things that I instantly regret.
So what if I'm tired and car sick, I don't need you making things worse.

I feel so helpless right now and the only person I can blame is myself.
I snapped at Tim last night because of frustration.
He's the last person I want to be that way with.
He is patient, and kind, and loving and always puts me first.

I don't think I know how to take that.
I've never been loved so unconditionally by a boy.
I fear that I'm not a good enough person for him.

I want nothing more than to go along with our plans of being married
and starting a family and living happily ever after.

I hope that my frustration didn't ruin this.
and I hope that this kind, loving man can find it in his heart
to forgive me and trust in my word, I want nothing more than to follow through
with all of our plans and grow old with you and love you forever and spend the
rest of my life loving and taking care of you.

You're my soulmate.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For The Record...

I was rocking the thrift store hipster look before 1st grade...

Just sayin'

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Devon!!

Today was Devon's 19th Birthday and she was really excited.


Sure, he looks cute now, but just wait...

She needed a piggy back ride because she wasn't wearing shoes.

I like to call this a series of unfortunate events..Or maybe a series leading up to ONE unfortunate event..

Apparently the dogs thought I was attacking Devon because there was an attack.
The whole time we blamed Pheobe, but the photo clearly shows the true culprit!
It was Ollie!

He actually bit my elbow!

Then Devon said in a british accent, "Pheobe bit my finga'..Ouch, Pheobe, that really hurttt!"

Then we met up with Heather and Gibson at the park.

He really didn't like the swings.

and spent the majority of the time trying to escape to the nearby birthday party with the bounce house.

I can't believe how much he's grown! He's an actual little person now!

Probably having a heart to heart

After throwing wood-chips at all of us he decided to cover Tim's shoes.

Quick nap, no biggie

Loved the slide, hasn't really mastered the landing yet..

Played with a puppy..

Got a little static-y

I gave him a lady bug

As we were leaving I told Heather to text me and then Tim looked at Gibson and said, "Text me!"

A very happy Sunday!