Monday, May 17, 2010

Questo fine settimana (This weekend in Italian :) )

This weekend started off like so:

12:30 a.m.- Anxiously awaiting the boys arrival while trying to stay awake in a slightly uncomfy chair at L.A.X.

I must have checked the flight status a million times in about 30 minutes. When it finally said,"San Francisco- ARRIVED" my heart almost beat out of my chest, he was home!Then I got the text, ":)" and I knew in minutes he would be in my arms, right where he belonged.

(Side Note: No, he was not in Iraq or on a misson trip. It was only about 3 days but it really seems like a lifetime when you're so attached to someone!)

Then, there he was. Coming down the escalator in his suit looking all grown up and businessman-ish and all I could think about was how lucky I am to have such a handsome boyfriend.


I was so excited because I've never been before and this was a surprise for our 8 month anniversary. As we waited in line to pick up our tickets I quickly scanned the sign stating the do's and do not's of the castle. The very last warning said, " If you or anyone in your party suffers from asthma or severe allergies due to horses, this may not be the show for you." I laughed. How could you possibly be allergic to a horse thats in a massive room, so far away from you!?

As we entered the castle and received our paper crowns we were directed to take a picture with some dude wearing tights (which was later brought to our table and offered to us for the small fee of $20!? Oh, the picture, not the guy in tights)
Eventually we were led into the show where I immediately felt a tickle in my nose and a scratch in my throat. As we sat down at our seat my eyes got itchy and I swear I heard a horse say, "Thats what you get for laughing at our sign!!!"

From there on out, I was a sneezing, coughing, teary eyed, snotty, mess of a person with plate of meat in front of me and a paper crown on my head.
Besides the whole allergy thing it was really fun! I'd like to go again sometime with some allergy meds so I could make it up to Tim. Poor guy. He went to all the trouble of planning it and I had to go and be a party pooper.
But Tim, I really did have fun! :) Mean it!
After that we went to Target, my " happy place" and he bought a record player.
We went home to listen to "High Violet" on vinyl and its even more amazing that way.

We also met up with Blake at the Reno Room for a couple of drinks. This was the first time Tim and Blake met! YAY!

All in all a great weekend!

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