Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheers to 3 Years!

Today was Giblets 3rd birthday party!
My how time flies

He had a blast swimming with his friends all day
My favorite was watching him get in and out of the pool.

Then for about 15 minutes he did laps around the pool licking the side.
(He gets that from Heather)

Pin the tail..err..badge on woody

He didn't really understand the concept. In fact he thought it was
quite stupid.

His cute cake made out of cupcakes!

As soon as Heather brought it out he started singing "Happy Birthday"
to himself.

He was too anxious to blow out the candles so she had
to hold him back while everyone sang

Feelin' pretty proud of his accomplishments the last 3 years.

I just can't believe it..Its true! They do grow like weeds!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, its official! We booked our honeymoon!!!
Originally we had planned on postponing it just so we could save after the wedding
but Tim found an amazing deal that we couldn't pass up on Livingsocial.

So we are going to Hawaii!!!!!

We will be staying here

The deal that Tim got is a 2 Bedroom Deluxe Villa with an Ocean View
complete with gourmet kitchen, washer/dryer, dining room ..
a total of 1,620 sq ft!

I don't know what we are going to do with all this space! Maybe we'll invite
some people along with us :)

The part I'm most excited for is the Kipu Zipline Safari.

Here's the description:

Start with a leisurely two mile kayak on the Hule'ia River listening to the sounds of tropical birds and hearing the stories of ancient Hawaii. Hike from the riverbank to swimming holes and waterfalls where you'll swing like Tarzan into a pristine, fresh-water pool. Climb aboard our one-of-a-kind farm wagon and take in the spectacular views of Kipu Ranch - made famous in films like Jurassic Park andRaiders of the Lost Ark. Next stop- our brand new Keko Kai zipline course. Enjoy a hearty picnic lunch. Marvel at the beauty as you traverse the lush rain forest on swinging bridges that float and sway in the tree tops above the wilderness floor. Ride the first of two brand new ziplines that lands you a short hike from the opening of a recently discovered tunnel through the jungle. Hike a treetops walkway past giant tree ferns and you'll be face to face with the ride of a lifetime, our new, impossibly long, tandem, center dismount zipline. Pair up with a friend and soar over a quarter of a mile above wild forest canopy for more than 90 seconds of thrilling flight. And if that wasn't enough, have a go at our brand new Blue Pool and the unique Waterzip Zipline! This mountain stream-fed swimming pool is the perfect place to cool off from the day's adventure with cliff jumps and our super safe and super fun Waterzip Zipline. When you are cooled off and ready to go, walk on down to the riverbank. Hop aboard, put your feet up, and relax as you ride back to the dock on our Hawaiian double-hulled motorized canoe to cap off your day of wild adventure!

Umm..yes please! I cant wait!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goodbye Long Beach!

Today we went to Long Beach to get the last of the stuff from the apartment.
I thought I would be sad but I just wanted to get in and out and back to our HOME.

Adios apartment 12!

Lots of Hearts!

Yesterday my mom brought me some boxes of my old things. I found this
super cute letter from a mini-Devon.

"Lots of hearts with me and you..P.S. what can I do whith out a big sieter like you"

"Verry big big big heart...Jenna I love you soso! much I dont no what I would do with out you"

" lovebel remind me about a loveabel kitty cat"

" winer dog...I love you THIS MUCH! even more"

Cutest thing ever? I think so!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Crazy About Chevron.

My latest obsession: Chevron Stripes.
I already have an idea of where to incorporate some in the house!

First Day As An "Almost" Housewife.

I got so much accomplished today! It's amazing what you can get done when
you wake up at 7:30! I even managed to have dinner finished at the exact moment
The Boy opened the garage door. I don't mean to brag, but that's talent.

I also built a table today..and by built, I mean assembled. Same thing, right?

I also had a couple minutes to realize how much I have to do for the wedding!
I have a feeling I'll be hosting some craft parties at my house in the next couple of
months (that means you, Leah, Kathleen, and Julia!).

Also, check out this fabulous site! What can I say? I'm a sucker for fabric!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello Kitty At Yogurtland.

Tonight we went to Yogurtland with Leah and I couldn't resist
taking pictures of the Hello Kitty promotional products.

Our First BBQ!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Home Is Whenever I'm With You

It's finally starting to feel like home.
We even had our first power outage!
This is the beginning of many amazing things.