Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday Weekend

It was a long weekend of birthday celebrations in the Lopez household.
I can officially say that my 28th birthday was a successful one!

It all started on Thursday with an awesome Pool Party/BBQ with our Lifegroup.
I know I can always count on a good time with lots of laughs and great people.

Knightly, the highlight and entertainment of all our gatherings

The next day was my birthday and we celebrated by going to one of our favorite places, Glen Ivy!
A good day at the spa was just what we needed and the weather was awesome!

Of course Tim spoiled me and I got some amazing gifts including, golf lessons, the greatest essential oil kit of all times, and the flight attendant Blythe that I've had my eye on for awhile!

The next day we got to celebrate Tim!

We woke up and had donuts and he opened his gifts. I was super excited to FINALLY give him a gift that got a reaction out of him! I hired a gardener! Woo Hoo!

After he got a fresh haircut we went to Yard House for lunch then saw X-Men (Birthday Boy gets what Birthday Boy wants :) )

As if that wasn't enough, My sister hosted a BBQ at our house and we had so much fun eating, and playing a competitive game of LCR. If you know my Grandpa you know how competitive he is and he was getting so mad that he wasn't winning. He couldn't believe he lost $3.50. It made for a very exciting and entertaining game.

My Mom makes amazing mini-gardens from things she finds and I could not get over the one she made me!

Little Linus stretching on the tree!

His little house complete with his favorite orange ball

 My sister commissioned someone to draw a picture of Linus! Can you tell I love my dog?

My BFF had these beautiful flowers delivered too! <3 p="">

What a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate and spoiled us and wished us a Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Time

It's pretty much officially Summer in my book. 

My mission is to make this Summer like no other.

That means:

-Mini Vacations
-Pool Time
-Girls Trips
-Beach Days
-Hanging out with friends
-Beach Camping
-Sun Tans
-Blonde Hair
-Exploring New Places
-Messy Hair
-Sun Dresses

To me this Summer also represents something more meaningful. In my heart I truly believe this could be our last Summer as just the two of us. I hope and pray it is anyway. I want to enjoy it and make tons of memories. Stop worrying so much, say yes to things that scare me, and take care of myself.

Summer 2014, I'm ready for ya!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

OC Zoo Tour

How many people can say that they are friends with a Zookeeper!? 
We can! 
Lauren is the sweetest person you could ever meet and she is the greatest mom to all of her little 
zoo babies. Our life group had the opportunity to go on a behind the scenes tour of the OC zoo this morning and it was AWESOME!

Thanks Lauren!

We got to hold the baby porcupine. This is Bernadette and she's only 7 weeks old!

I was totally comfortable with her till she dropped her treat and got squirmy

Yep, that's me feeding a bear an apple big deal.

Lauren said she had a surprise for us and came out of a shed with a beaver on a leash!

Is that not the cutest little ball of spikes!?

We had such a fun time! If you live in Orange County I highly recommend it for an affordable, fun outing. Be sure to say hi to Lauren!