Thursday, March 5, 2015



For the last 3 years I've been blessed to be part of the most amazing group of people that have changed my life.

Our church, like many others, would always pound "community" into our brains and I never felt it was necessary. We went to church each weekend and sat in the nosebleeds in hopes of not having to shake a hand or speak to strangers.

In 2012 I felt called to join a group study at our church called Rooted. This group of people was put together and led to reveal our deepest, darkest struggles and face life challenges along side complete strangers. What happened in those next weeks changed our lives forever.

Here we are 3 years later and we are some of the best friends you could find. These people know so much about me and I know so much about them and we are nothing but open and honest with each other and it's the most refreshing thing ever. 

We really are going through life together. Through the ups and downs we are never alone. When I get knocked down I have a group of people to build me up and chances are, someones already been in my shoes and can offer me the support I need. I thank God everyday for his awesome group picking ability because these people are perfect for me.