Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Month Update


How is it possible that she is already 5 months!?

I feel like this was a month full of firsts and her little personality is developing.

I'm a little nervous because it seems that she may be a little sassy....

She scoots backwards, rolls wherever she needs to go (the other day I put her on her mat in the living room so I could wash dishes and I looked down and there she was! Rolled all the way to the kitchen to find me!), Laughs hysterically at Linus, had her first swim lesson and went underwater, still loves the dang "Wheels on the bus" and started eating rice cereal.

She started giving kisses! Big, open mouth, slobbery, wonderful kisses!

She met her family from Arizona and had a whole weekend of love and attention

The's ALWAYS sticking out now.

She holds her own bottle

First time in the pool! She just licked her boat the whole time.

First 4th of July

And last but not least, the 5 month sleep regression! She decided to start waking up every three hours again and we are exhausted. But then she falls asleep holding my face and it doesn't even matter.