Monday, May 11, 2015

Post Surgery Update

It's been about two weeks since my surgery and I'm happy to say that I'm healing well and melanoma free!!

I didn't think the surgery was going to happen because the weekend before I was knocked off my feet by a stomach bug so violent I had to go to the ER. I've never been so sick and after passing out and hitting my head on the bathroom floor, Tim put me in the car and found the closest emergency room.

I can honestly say that the bug was waaaayyyy worse than the surgery!

I sucked it up and went in that Monday for the first procedure. The worst part was the numbing shots. Other than that, I had no pain, just a weird tugging sensation. He put a couple of stitches in to hold me over the next 24 hours while the sample was biopsied. 

I received a call the following day stating that he got everything out in the first procedure so the followup would be some more smaller incisions for cosmetic reasons and the rest of the stitches .

The numbing shots were even worse than the last ones because they were in the open wound! I almost came up off of the table! 

I really wasn't in much pain at all. It was definitely swollen and if I accidentally bumped it I felt a jolt of pain but it was so much easier than I was anticipating. The following week I went back twice to have stitches removed in stages and the doctor seemed to be pleased with how its healing.

He glued me up, gave me another bandage and I have to wear it for a couple more weeks.

I really miss washing my face and wearing makeup but I'm just soooo happy it's over with! 

I just need to brag about my husband a little bit...

Throughout all of this medical drama he has been so very helpful. He has taken care of the household, run errands, and done pretty much everything for me, including washing my hair. I couldn't have done it without him!