Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sponsoring: Delirious Rhapsody.

For the month of March I'm sponsoring the lovely Deanna over at
Delirious Rhapsody.

I stumbled upon her blog randomly about a month ago and it has now become
one of my daily reads.

She is the mother of two boys, Gage and Owsley, and the wife of Peppy.
Her blog is just so real and honest whether it's about herself as a mother or just
herself as a woman and it's very inspiring.

One of my favorite sections of her blog is "Gage Says"
Her son says the funniest things and I find myself laughing out loud at most of them.

Check her out here:

And be sure to check out "Gage Says" if you need a good laugh:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Craze Tuesday: The Bow

Who doesn't love a bow?

6. Via Pinterest
7.Via Pinterest

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mantra Monday: Patience.

I've always had a difficult time with patience. I'm one of those, "think of something I'd like to do, find a way to do it A.S.A.P." types of people.

I know I must have drove my mom crazy on several occasions because of this.

Lately my expectations of "doing" or "wanting" have become a little more
grown up and realistic, but I'm still struggling to remember
that God has His own timing for everything and anything.

Keeping this quote in mind will sure save me a lot of time and worry!

Is there anything in your life that you're struggling to let God handle?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saying Goodbye...Again.

Tonight we went out for a farewell dinner for Josh and Chelsea.
They just got home from being in Korea forever and now they're on
their way to Alabama where Josh will be stationed.

I'm sad to see them go so soon but glad that we got to spend some time
together talking about all the crazy and stupid things we (mostly them)
used to do.

Good luck in Alabama guys!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love at first sight...

This is one of the first pictures that Tim ever sent me.

That means that this was the picture that I had to show people
when they asked about this guy that I was hanging out with so often.

Back off ladies, he's all mine!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the love of Thursday.

In order to be a more "official" blog I've decided to start dedicating days to certain topics.
Therefore, "For the love of Thursday" will be things that I'm thankful for or that I'm excited about this week.

Fridge Notes

Forgiving the little turd that vandalized my car "accidentally"...

It's a sunny 78 degrees here. Perfect for sitting outside and wearing a sundress

My hair is just an inch away from perfecting the sock bun!

A collection of Real Simple from my Grandma

This weeks Rooted Homework

Getting hit on in the Target parking lot and getting to say that I'm married..
Let me explain.

As I was getting out of my car :

Him: Excuse me, I'm T-Dawg and I'm trying to promote my new rap cd,
I'd love for you to take a listen

(Okay, so I'm not exactly sure if his name was actually "T-Dawg", but
I do know that his name had a letter and an animal. For all I know it
could've been C-Otter. Oh man, look what I did there! I wasn't
even trying! C-Otter= Sea Otter! See Tim, I'm funny!)


Me: Oh, I'm actually in a rush but good luck with everything.
Him: Oh okay, no have really beautiful eyes.
Me: Oh thank you
Him: Hey Hey Hey, If you don't mind, I'd really like to get to know you.

Here comes the awesome part..

Me: (showing him my ring finger) Sorry!

Him: ooohh...good luck with that!

I've always wanted to do that!
Sorry it was at your expense B-Lamb.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Going On At Mariners Church

Our church is offering a lot of great classes/programs right now.
If any of these pertain to you I definitely recommend you check it out!

In our sex-drenched culture, the church has either ignored or misunderstood the connections between sex, love, and God. The silence of the church, and the hypocrisy shown by its members, has left an entire generation disillusioned and confused.

Join us for a candid 10-week conversation as we explore the relationships between sex, love, and God.

For more info, visit

For those in need of help—whether you've experienced personal failure, crisis, abuse, addiction, loss, or pain—or you are simply searching for hope and the next right step towards healing, we welcome you. People of the Second Chance is a movement of radical grace designed to bring hope and healing to the hurting.

Join us as we challenge misconceptions about failure and success and explore what it means to give and receive radical grace on this journey towards freedom and restoration. We are a safe community that is committed to stretch beyond ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness and personal transparency, and advocate for mercy over judgment.

grief | divorce care | healing hearts | women with cancer | positive co-parenting | career support network | solutions | heart heals

POTSC RECOVERY GROUPS – Thursdays, 7-9pm, Student Center Room 1

substance abuse | sex/love/relationship addiction | food issues | self-injury | coda | add | men's/women's groups

For more information, email or call 949.769.8349.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craze Tuesday: The Lace Skirt

Lately I've been drooling over lace skirts.
You can dress them up or down and they still look lovely.

Skirt above from:

Here are some of favorite looks:

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Day I Cut Everything Down.

Tim was off today and we spent a good part of the afternoon in Lowes.
Ever since we bought the house, home improvement stores are so exciting to me.

We went up and down most of the aisles dreaming up what we would do next to our home.

Tim bought an electric hedge trimmer because the bushes were getting a little out of control since our gardner decided he didn't want to work for free...long story.

After dreaming up our perfect backyard with amazing landscaping, Tim suggested I get some gardening gloves so we could work outside together.

I'll take any chance I get to wear something cute.

We both decided awhile ago that we don't like roses and it was time to tear
all of the rose bushes out.

We had an awesome method. I'd take the electric hedger and chop them down as far as I could, and he'd follow behind and pull the rest out of the ground.

Side Note: Today while we were out a guy came up to us, saw Tims beard and said, "Whoa! Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!" I'm pretty sure most of his weight is in that dang thing.

Anyway, we were going at a good speed with minimal injuries and I decided to just go all the way down the line because let's face it, chopping stuff up is awesome.

Tim returned from the garage and said, "Man, why did you cut this one down so far?? It's gonna be hard to
pull out. I laughed and said, "Well don't look at those two then", pointing at the last two bushes in the planter, which I had cut to the ground. He looked over and said, "NOOOOO!!!! That was the cotton!!!"

You see, Tim had been growing cotton from seeds since last July.
I completely forgot that he had transplanted some of it to the planter and I may have gotten a little overzealous about the trimmers.

I might be sleeping on the couch.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Incredible Shrinking Man

At the beginning of the month Tim started a No Carb diet.
As of today he has lost 15 pounds!!
I'm so very proud of him for being so dedicated and not even cheating a little.

I also love the change I've seen in him when he notices something fits
better or his tummy is shrinking.

This morning while we were getting ready for church I spotted him checking himself out in the mirror several times.

Finally he's starting to see the hottie that I've always seen.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Today is my In-Laws 33rd Anniversary!
They make such a great couple and they are still so in love.
They work together everyday and they haven't killed each other...that's love.

Happy Anniversary!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Festivities.

This was probably one of the best Valentines Days I've ever had.
No pressure, just fun and love between my husband and I!

The boy ran out to the store and came back with tons of surprises including:
flowers, balloons, chocolates, ice cream, and my all time favorite, gum!

Most of the day was spent preparing a special Valentines treat for the members of our small group at church.
I really wanted to make it fun for everyone so in true Jenna style I went a bit overboard!
Unfortunately I didn't get very good pictures because I was too busy trying to set everything up.

I set up a Candy Bar with little bags to fill and take home

The theme was things that are meant to be together which was perfect because I've been wanting
to make these super cute chocolates!

I also made each couple their very own mini-wedding cake

Homemade cookies. "You're the chocolate chip to my cookie"

You're the veggies to my dip

You're the cheese to my crackers

All of the work was so worth it.
Girls from another group even came over to take pictures.

Our meeting went really well too. We were separated into groups of men and women and it was so
awesome to see that there were several girls going through the same struggles that I am.
It's always nice to know you aren't alone and we all felt so much closer in the end.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine.

I've never really cared much for Valentines Day but I guess being married changes things
because all I want to do today is give my husband loves and tell him how cool he is.

Dear Tim,
Thank you for coming into my life at just the right time and changing it for the better.
Happy Valentines Day Cuddlebug!


Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today was Khloe's 1st Birthday Party!

It was so nice to see old friends and celebrate the most adorable
little birthday girl.

Uncle Patchy

Khloe and Daddy

Happy Family

She was a little unsure at first but it didn't take long to realize it was

Happy 1st Birthday Khloe!