Thursday, February 23, 2012

For the love of Thursday.

In order to be a more "official" blog I've decided to start dedicating days to certain topics.
Therefore, "For the love of Thursday" will be things that I'm thankful for or that I'm excited about this week.

Fridge Notes

Forgiving the little turd that vandalized my car "accidentally"...

It's a sunny 78 degrees here. Perfect for sitting outside and wearing a sundress

My hair is just an inch away from perfecting the sock bun!

A collection of Real Simple from my Grandma

This weeks Rooted Homework

Getting hit on in the Target parking lot and getting to say that I'm married..
Let me explain.

As I was getting out of my car :

Him: Excuse me, I'm T-Dawg and I'm trying to promote my new rap cd,
I'd love for you to take a listen

(Okay, so I'm not exactly sure if his name was actually "T-Dawg", but
I do know that his name had a letter and an animal. For all I know it
could've been C-Otter. Oh man, look what I did there! I wasn't
even trying! C-Otter= Sea Otter! See Tim, I'm funny!)


Me: Oh, I'm actually in a rush but good luck with everything.
Him: Oh okay, no have really beautiful eyes.
Me: Oh thank you
Him: Hey Hey Hey, If you don't mind, I'd really like to get to know you.

Here comes the awesome part..

Me: (showing him my ring finger) Sorry!

Him: ooohh...good luck with that!

I've always wanted to do that!
Sorry it was at your expense B-Lamb.

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  1. T-Dawg was funny--scratches on your
    car P---ed me off. The nerve of some people. Love the hair. Neat site for your stuff.