Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's Going On At Mariners Church

Our church is offering a lot of great classes/programs right now.
If any of these pertain to you I definitely recommend you check it out!

In our sex-drenched culture, the church has either ignored or misunderstood the connections between sex, love, and God. The silence of the church, and the hypocrisy shown by its members, has left an entire generation disillusioned and confused.

Join us for a candid 10-week conversation as we explore the relationships between sex, love, and God.

For more info, visit

For those in need of help—whether you've experienced personal failure, crisis, abuse, addiction, loss, or pain—or you are simply searching for hope and the next right step towards healing, we welcome you. People of the Second Chance is a movement of radical grace designed to bring hope and healing to the hurting.

Join us as we challenge misconceptions about failure and success and explore what it means to give and receive radical grace on this journey towards freedom and restoration. We are a safe community that is committed to stretch beyond ourselves in the areas of relational forgiveness and personal transparency, and advocate for mercy over judgment.

grief | divorce care | healing hearts | women with cancer | positive co-parenting | career support network | solutions | heart heals

POTSC RECOVERY GROUPS – Thursdays, 7-9pm, Student Center Room 1

substance abuse | sex/love/relationship addiction | food issues | self-injury | coda | add | men's/women's groups

For more information, email or call 949.769.8349.

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