Monday, February 20, 2012

The Day I Cut Everything Down.

Tim was off today and we spent a good part of the afternoon in Lowes.
Ever since we bought the house, home improvement stores are so exciting to me.

We went up and down most of the aisles dreaming up what we would do next to our home.

Tim bought an electric hedge trimmer because the bushes were getting a little out of control since our gardner decided he didn't want to work for free...long story.

After dreaming up our perfect backyard with amazing landscaping, Tim suggested I get some gardening gloves so we could work outside together.

I'll take any chance I get to wear something cute.

We both decided awhile ago that we don't like roses and it was time to tear
all of the rose bushes out.

We had an awesome method. I'd take the electric hedger and chop them down as far as I could, and he'd follow behind and pull the rest out of the ground.

Side Note: Today while we were out a guy came up to us, saw Tims beard and said, "Whoa! Grizzly Adams DID have a beard!" I'm pretty sure most of his weight is in that dang thing.

Anyway, we were going at a good speed with minimal injuries and I decided to just go all the way down the line because let's face it, chopping stuff up is awesome.

Tim returned from the garage and said, "Man, why did you cut this one down so far?? It's gonna be hard to
pull out. I laughed and said, "Well don't look at those two then", pointing at the last two bushes in the planter, which I had cut to the ground. He looked over and said, "NOOOOO!!!! That was the cotton!!!"

You see, Tim had been growing cotton from seeds since last July.
I completely forgot that he had transplanted some of it to the planter and I may have gotten a little overzealous about the trimmers.

I might be sleeping on the couch.

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