Monday, April 30, 2012

Mantra Monday: Keep Calm, Love The Dog


Before we adopted Linus I thought the above picture was funny...

Only recently did it stop being funny and start being true.

Our sweet little Linus has gone to the dark side!!!!

Last night we went on a much needed date to see "5 Year Engagement" (Super cute movie btw).
At one point during the movie I lovingly gazed into my husbands eyes and said something that had 
been weighing on my heart since we pulled out of the driveway..
"I miss Linus"

But then we came home to this!!!

 Tissues....a lot of tissues. 
They were on the couch, which he can't jump up on, in the living room and kitchen, and even stuck to the wall!!!!

Tonight we made a quick run to Target and Home Depot and came home to an insurance claim in a thousand little pieces, my unused puke bag from the hospital inflated, and a naughty puppy wearing my necklace.

Our little Linus suffers from some Serious separation anxiety.
We try to leave him at least once every day.
We leave the whole downstairs open for him to roam.
He has a plethora of toys and bones to chew on.
He has access to potty pads (which he uses....most of the time)
We leave the T.V. on for him.

What more could a dog ask for!?

Whenever we get home he isn't happy to see us, he's in a state of panic, running around scared and crying and peeing and trying to jump into our arms.

Anyone else go through this with a puppy?
Any tips?

It's really hard to stay mad at the little guy when he does stuff like this:

Oh Yeah!
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  1. My dog is pretty bad with separation too. She just turned one year and I keep her in a crate in my kitchen when we leave. She pushes it across the entire kitchen. This weekend I made the mistake of leaving clothes drying over my kitchen chairs. She ate them. Welp.

  2. Oh no! I think we might have to start using the crate. He already sleeps in it at night. Whats the longest you've ever left her in it?

  3. he is just too cute!! it sucks, but maybe crate training (at least while you're gone) would be a good idea? or look into doggy daycare when he gets a bit older? as far as his over excitement when you first come home, what we did with my dogs (and i worked at a shelter where we told people to do this as well), when you first come home, take him directly outside and let him go potty. don't pet him until he goes. i know it's REALLY hard not to love all over him at first, but i PROMISE you'll be happier in the long run. you can also get him to sit before you pet him. it def takes time and training, but it does work eventually. :)
    xoxo, lauren

    1. Thanks Lauren! We just got home and went directly outside and it worked! He peed on my feet as soon as we got out the door, but its a step forward! Haha

  4. aww my cat had that too because was home with him when i was sick then went back to work. He eats paper too. And he used to meow so loudly id hear him going down the steps - broke my heart. I really haven't found a way to stop him on that. You could say no so many times and squirt them but cats do it again. :)

    The Linus video so stinkin cute. i love is lil body!

    1. Oh my gosh Amanda! Hearing him cry is soooo hard! It almost makes me want to stay home all the time!

  5. Since he's a puppy I don't think it's so much separation anxiety I think he is just bored. Thats what puppies do is destroy things when you're not there to entertain them so I say keep everything put up and away when you leave and punish him if he does get into something he is not supposed to. The whole pee situation I did the outside method as well, I wouldn't even shut the front door when I got home I would just let JD run out and go potty :)He will get the hang of it sister.

  6. I should a few people this video last night and I think we watched it three times!

  7. If you ask any professional dog trainer, they will tell you that you should never leave a puppy to roam the house. It's dangerous for them, and it causes messes like this. LEaving him in the bathroom or crate training will solve all your problems. Crate training might also solve his anxiety problems, because most dogs love the "den" feeling of the crate.