Sunday, April 8, 2012

Linus's 1st Easter

Hope everyone had a great Easter!
Linus sure did! He celebrated with his very own basket full of goodies and a homemade bow tie!

He spent the day running around Grandma and Grandpas backyard, bugging their dog, mutilating a toy chick, and being passed around and loved on.

He even dressed up as the doctor from Doctor Who!
He can really rock a fez

I really failed at taking pictures of anyone but Linus but we had a really awesome day.

One of Tim's coworkers requested that we make a fanpage for Linus because he was sending every picture to his mom and he thought it would be easier for her just to become a fan of his on Facebook.

You should go like it! :)


  1. oh i liked.. and commented ! :)

    love the pictures!