Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Craze Tuesday: Anthropologie

I'm obsessed with Anthropologie!
Right now I'm loving all their bright colors and floral prints for S/S 2012.

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Anyone else love Anthro?

What's your favorite section of the store?

I love the house ware section!


  1. You know I honestly kind of hate their clothing and jewelry! But I LOVE any and all of their housewares. Especially the kitchen stuff! And all the displays, of course. Love your picks here : )


  2. I dont even bother looking because all of the clothing is so overpriced...I'd rather just go to Urban ..at least they're a little cheaper!

  3. That bedspread is amazing!

    I do love me some anthro, not the clothing as much as the home decor though!

  4. i am crazy about absolutely everything from anthro. every time i get my new catalog, i flip through it for days. i'd even love to use the pages in some awesome project if i ever think of one!