Saturday, April 14, 2012

Real Life Friends

Ever wish you could hangout with all of your blogging friends and followers?

I had a dream that there was an amazing "Blogger Meet-up" at a beautiful hotel
where all of us got to hangout, talk about blogging, take lots of pictures, and have lots of fun!

I love when people post about meeting a fellow blogger and become "real life" friends.

Any bloggers in Southern California or surrounding states wanna make this happen!?


  1. Tammy from planned a SoCal blogger meetup a couple of months ago. I think they maxed it out at 65 bloggers!

    I'd love to meet some bloggers when I get back to SoCal in August :)

  2. Wish you lived in/near Florida... :)

  3. Emily: Where in Southern California are you moving?

    Danielle: I know! I'd love to hangout with you!

  4. I live in Pa - no one lives near me haha.

    But yes I agree that would be amazing.