Saturday, March 24, 2012

We're Parents!!!

Today we rescued this adorable little guy and we are already so in love!

We sent in our application earlier this week and when we got to Pets mart
to pick him up there was a kid holding him and his parents were telling the lady that he was the one they wanted! I almost died! The lady told the family that we had submitted our application first and that we had emailed her pictures of our yard so he was ours and the man flipped out! He was being so rude to her and saying it wasn't fair so she took us aside and told us that he was ours and we could sit down and start filling out the paperwork.

Thank goodness that jerk didn't get our baby!

I apologize in advance for the copious amounts of Linus posts from now on.


  1. i am so glad you guys ended him with him! he is so so so adorable!!

  2. You'll make great parents! This little guy was saved by a couple of earth bound angels!

  3. He is so cute! I love his little white stripe.

    Some people are crazy! I can understand being upset about it, but to flip out? wow.

  4. Thanks Guys! He's quite the handful! Hopefully nights will get better. He probably just missed his brother and sister

  5. awww he is SO FREGIN CUTE!!!

    we had something similar happen to us when we adopted our kitten from PETCO. We went there looking for treats for our other lil guy and we saw zoe lil baby calico. I finally got my husband to be okay with getting her. Other people wanted her though as well - they had 2 children who never had a pet.
    We adopted our other cat from them - so they let us take her because we know how to take care of pets.
    But i made that girl cry.

    The moral of the story. YAY for us getting pets! hahaha

    But adorable! is it a lil lab?

  6. @ Amanda: LOL! I was trying so hard not to look at the kid but he ended up getting another dog...they just wanted to leave with something so I didnt feel too bad!

    He's A Dachshund- Beagle Mix

  7. Aww i didn't see the dachshund but I saw the beagle. I really like those labs / beagles too. So very cute.