Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makeup Bag Sneak Peek

I kind of blossomed into a real girl a little late. I didn't start wearing makeup till after high school so I never really had much practice.

What that means is:
1. I buy super cheap makeup
2. I don't really know how to apply it
3. My morning routine is pretty quick
4. I have some MAC products and they intimidate me!


Any Makeup pros out there with some tips?


  1. I'm not a makeup pro at all. I learned how to do neat eye shadow tricks on pinterest. I would recommend looking on there!

    I wear pretty cheap make up as well.

    I do agree sophora has some great stuff. but i never spoil myself to that.

    in high school I didn't wear makeup either. now I cannot leave the house with out cover up & eyeliner!

  2. I buy cheap makeup too! Always have. I literally just got some Bare Minerals for Valentines... that's the priciest I've gone. Drugstore makeup is just fine in my opinion, you just need to know how to apply. I think I've been practicing since 7th grade... but watch some tutorials- there are tons out there!