Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The " I Never Really Told You Cupcakerie"

Yes, I'm fully aware that I've jumped on the cupcake train a little late.

Heck, the cake pop craze is almost on it's way out and now it's all about
macaroons! Right?

Well I decided to make these sweet cupcakes for our bible study group last night.

Milkshake Cupcakes

I was really excited to use my cupcake courier from Crate and Barrel

The hardest part you ask? Mixing the butter for 6 minutes straight!
I should have used the stand up mixer but I was on a mission.

I think I finally found the perfect Butter cream Frosting!


  1. Trend or not, late to it or not, cupcakes will always be amazing! and this makes me want a milkshake!

  2. I agree! It was funny seeing people try to drink through the straw. I was like "No, it's just for effect" !!

  3. very cute cupcakes.

    I'm making Easter cupcakes - ha they are just going to be orange with orange bunny peeps. I have to remember to post pictures.

    I never made cake pops - but cake balls (same thing w/o the stick) I make and it's easy and so very yummy!

  4. Yes! Post pictures! I don't know that I can do the whole cake pop thing...something about using my hands grosses me out :)