Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best Night Of His Life.

Last night was possibly one of the greatest nights of Tim's life.
You see, he's the number 1 fan of Shai Halud, a hardcore band.
He usually goes to In n Out with them after the shows they play out here and talks to them over twitter.
They are on tour and played a show in Anaheim last night.
Tim came home without a voice from singing so much!
Then as we were settling into bed around 1am we got the tweet that
turned my husband into a giddy fangirl!

They were on their way to spend the night at our house!

I frantically rushed to find enough blankets and pillows and spaces for
5 guys to sleepand put out fresh towels and toilet paper.

Needless to say, Tim had a hard time getting to sleep.
He had to go to jury duty early this morning so that meant it was me and
Shai Hulud. I tried staying in my room as long as possible but heard them trying to get the washing machine started so I decided to peek my head out and offer assistance.

To my surprise I found 2 guys in their underwear because they were washing
their pants. I don't know who was more embarrassed, me or the guitarist Matt.

Tim got home just in time to go out to lunch with them then they packed up and
head out to their next stop on the tour, Mexico.

About half of the guys were terrified to cross the border and said they hoped that
they would make it back for their Monday show in L.A.

They were super nice guys and very grateful for a place to stay!
Now that they've slept here and done laundry here and I've seen them
in their unmentionables, I'm excited to actually see them play a show!

And off to Mexico they go.

Good luck guys! Be safe!

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