Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for?
I'm thankful for my family and friends and of course my Tim!
I'm so very blessed with all that I have.

I am also thankful that I found this again.
Oh Capucine, how I've missed you!
(If our future daughter could look like this and speak French I'd be forever grateful)

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Holiday Season Is Here

Whether you like it or not!

Soooo, in order to not stress myself out, make our first holiday season as an engaged couple fun, and make some memories and traditions of our own,
I plan on doing "The 25 Days of Christmas" blog style.
And that's all the info you get!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How Many 8 yr. Olds Could You Pummel Before They Take You Down?

Revisiting the age old question: How many 8 year olds could you pummel before they take you down? (self.AskReddit)

submitted 24 days ago by HempLord

A friend and I were talking about this the other day.. Considering your average 8 year old is ~50 pounds, 4' tall, and you're in an open field, no weapons, and an endless amount of children coming at you, how many could you take? Keep in mind they're fearless, so the sight of their fallen comrades wouldn't deter them. I'm pretty confident I could take ~50 of them before eventually becoming exhausted. Assuming it only takes one punch/boot to the face to drop an 8 year old, I figure they really couldnt do much until I tire out and can't keep up with the influx of new ones. It could possibly be more if I'm able to pick one up by the leg and use it as a flail of sorts, swinging it in a circular motion allowing me to keep a little perimeter around me while expending little energy. The skull would definitely do work if swung by the feet, so that would be pretty good I think.

My friend, on the other hand, goes "About 1,000. Probably more."

His strategy would be to stack the 8 year olds in a pile as he drops them, and then just keep stacking them up while staying on top of the pile. Once the 8 year olds are stacked high enough, it would be difficult for the new ones to climb and he could just kick them in the face as they neared the top. I reminded him that he has zero conditioning, and that he'd tire out way before completing the mountain. Besides, how effing many 8 year olds would you have to stack to make a sizable pile?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Engagement Photoshoot

320 days till our wedding

That seems like a lot but apparently it's not.
Now that we have the engagement pictures done and the album is in the
process of being made I'm not sure which step is next.
I thought I had the theme set but then I found a couple more that I liked.
I'm afraid I'll have too many ideas and it will be one big, messy,cluster of
my imagination spewed into one room.
Deep Breath...
Then I have questions like,
"What if I buy all of this stuff then the day of it doesn't look right!?"
"What if my mom or his mom thinks its hideous!?"
"What if people don't get my style?!"


My conclusion you ask? Well...keep it simple, don't over do it, no over spending, D.I.Y my little heart out (as well as family and friends little hearts), and make it special for Tim and I.

I'm confident I'll have my dreamy, rustic, "Anthropologie" style wedding.

Whew! I'm done ranting now!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Already November!?

I feel like this is the first chance I've had to just sit down and do nothing.
Hold on a second....whew...This feels nice.
I can't believe it's already November! This year is flying by which leads me to believe next
year will fly by even faster.

So lets see...

-Last week I finished up my root canal and got a temporary crown then we got to see Leah and Julia. We went to Calimesa to get our hair done by Julia then went to dinner with Leah.

-One of my classes ended already and I got an A, maintaining my 4.0 (Thank you very much!)

-Yesterday was Halloween and Tim and I went to Disneyland to renew my pass.
I decided to take a new picture and it looks like I'm missing a tooth so thats pretty cool.
We also witnessed the most horrifying incident ever! After "World of Color" ended it was chaos
with people everywhere. As we were passing this woman pushing a bundled up baby in a stroller,the baby fell out and she ran it over! Not noticing, and thinking it was just a speed bump of some sort, the lady just kept trying to get the stoller over her ! Finally a stranger ran over and picked her up. The baby didnt even make a peep. Tim was in shock for about 5 minutes.

-Today was our engagement shoot and all I can say is thank God it's over!
This was such a simple thing and I planned it for months. I can't imagine how I'm going to
be when the wedding gets closer. I think my head might explode!!
But I think it turned out pretty well. I had fun and I got my makeup done at the M.A.C. store so
that makes for a good Monday.

So, now the only thing I have planned is the Conan test show on Thursday! Wo o hoo!