Monday, October 24, 2016

Babies First Pumpkin

Last weekend we took a little family trip up to Oak Glen for some pumpkin picking and apple cider donuts!

Norah was more interested in the dirt than anything else, but she ended up with a tiny little pumpkin that she held all the way home.

Hard to believe that last year when we were there, she was in my belly!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Eight Month Update

Can you believe it!? Eight months. It doesn't even seem possible, yet I have a hard time remembering my life without you.

This month has been a little tough. You became more mobile and daring. You'd be perfectly content roaming the house climbing on things if we let you.

You surprised us with two little teeth which explains why this month has been a rather grumpy and clingy time for our usually chill nugget.

Aren't they cute!?

You accompanied us on our 5 year anniversary date and got to dress up and go to a fancy lunch. Luckily it was outdoors because you spent the majority of the time blowing raspberries and shrieking with excitement. Dad bought you a Peppa Pig and your eyes lit up like it was the best thing you've ever seen. 

You had your first and probably last lemon...

You're still the funniest baby I've ever met. We've been told that you need to become an actress.

You went to two Kings games where you slept half of the time and entertained the crowd the rest of the time (You even tried to share other peoples snacks without asking).

You are just the most special, little peanut head!