Monday, November 15, 2010

320 days till our wedding

That seems like a lot but apparently it's not.
Now that we have the engagement pictures done and the album is in the
process of being made I'm not sure which step is next.
I thought I had the theme set but then I found a couple more that I liked.
I'm afraid I'll have too many ideas and it will be one big, messy,cluster of
my imagination spewed into one room.
Deep Breath...
Then I have questions like,
"What if I buy all of this stuff then the day of it doesn't look right!?"
"What if my mom or his mom thinks its hideous!?"
"What if people don't get my style?!"


My conclusion you ask? Well...keep it simple, don't over do it, no over spending, D.I.Y my little heart out (as well as family and friends little hearts), and make it special for Tim and I.

I'm confident I'll have my dreamy, rustic, "Anthropologie" style wedding.

Whew! I'm done ranting now!

1 comment:

  1. Honestly, I wish you wouldn't worry about what I think. It won't be hideous, I guarantee! If you love it, I'll be sooo happy! I can't wait!