Saturday, April 7, 2012

Random Picture Round Up

Today I plugged in the camera to transfer some pictures onto my computer and found this....

I immediately ran to Tim and said, "Why did I find a picture of my baby in
the entertainment center!?" He said he had no idea what I was talking about and I could tell he wasn't joking. We did a little research and found the date the picture was taken and discovered it was the night my mom and sister babysat.

They're gonna get it! Nobody puts baby in a cubby!

Last weekend was my cousins baby shower.
This is my mom, me, and my two aunts.

I was soooo excited to use this awesome gnome/woodland wrapping paper!
I've been waiting for just the right occasion.

I have a strange obsession with wrapping paper. You should see how many rolls
I have in my closet and I rarely wrap presents because sometimes it's just too cute to use. If you ever need unique wrapping paper, I suggest you check out World Market!

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

So excited to show you pictures from Linus' first Easter!


  1. That wrapping paper is seriously amazing!

    Have a Happy Easter!

    & the photo of your baby is so adorable, even if it is a little terrifying.