Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy, Fantastic, Musical Weekend.

What a great weekend! We had shows both days!!
Unfortunately the boy was a tad under the weather, and by a tad I mean really sick.
But he was a trooper and made it to both shows (although he was overly drugged up Sunday due to taking the night time cough syrup on accident :) )

Saturday Night was The National at The Wiltern.

I was so stoked to see them, not only because their new album is amazing, but The National was the first show that Tim and I saw together before he asked me out.
They played almost every song off their new album and all the best songs from their previous stuff. It was soooo good. I highly recommend that you see them live.

They played my absolute favorite song.
(I'm convinced that if Tim and I had a song, this would be it)

Then, Sunday Devon came out and we went to The House of Blues to see The Sweet and Tender Hooligans.

First we went to California Adventure to ride California Screamin..

(As you can see, Tim's partner was less than amused.)

Then we headed over to the House of Blues for the show.
It was amazing, as usual. Concerts are always so much better when you know all the songs and you can sing and dance. Especially these ones because everybody knows all the songs!

(Today I got a tweet from Jose "Mexican Morrissey"-The frontman for the band, asking if I enjoyed the show once Tim sobered up :) )

The show got out earlier than expected so we headed over to Disneyland at around 11:00 to ride Space Mountain.

(My allergies had been bad all day..Just Sayin')

Great weekend, nice seeing my sister, and always amazing spending it with The Boy <3

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  1. No pix of Joe Escalante?!?!?!?

    What the hell!!!