Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long Over Do...

I've needed to clean my Office/Craft room since we moved in.
It's really embarrassing. I don't like showing people and sometimes I have no where to walk.
Theres unpacked plastic tubs with stuff I obviously don't need because I haven't looked in them
in at least 2 years. Ribbons, Flowers, Fabric, Paper, Beads, Buttons, Glue Sticks and markers are everywhere! It's not a pretty site. (Shut up Devon!) These were actually taken before the wedding so add 3 + more months onto it and you have a disaster zone!

For Christmas my parents gave me the gift of organization!
They bought me cute little canisters, A little cabinet and a multi functioning, rotating cube that has
all sorts of fun features. (A ribbon dispenser!? Yes Please!) They are also going to build me a workstation complete with cabinets and shelves!

Today was the day. I had to make a dent in it. I filled 3 large bags with trash and unwanted items and cleared a large enough space to spin in.

Side Note: Why is it that when a large space is cleared kids
have to spin in it or run in a circle? Like, "Hey, Mom moved the couch to clean the carpet, SPIN!" You did it too.

Anyway, I made progress and even started filling tiny things with even tinier things, which if you know me, you know that I love anything that's tiny.

Here's to a Tidy 2012!

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