Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yesterday my mom came over to measure my craft room and sketch out some of our ideas. Is it weird that we were most concerned with creating awesome storage for wrapping paper??
Thanks to Pinterest it was pretty easy because everything there is beautiful!

Side note: While hanging out with my mom and sister the other day, every sentence started out with, "Oooh on Pinterest..." so we decided that it should just be known where we saw it or got the idea.

Anyway.. I know that I want the walls to be Mint. The last couple months I've fallen in love with anything mint green. If I could have a mint green Mini Cooper I'd die of happiness!

Today I went to Home Depot to check out paint and the man working must have thought I was crazy grabbing every mint green sample they had.

Here is some of the inspiration I found on Pin...well, you know where.

And here is what my dad will be building:

I'm so excited! I can hardly wait to start filling every little drawer and cubby with crafty goodness!

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