Saturday, January 7, 2012

An Ode to Mr. Lopez

Being married to Mr. Lopez is a wonderful thing.
He is loving, thoughtful, silly, and understanding, all qualities of the perfect husband.

Here are 5 things that make him super awesome:

1. He is supportive of anything I want to do and my biggest fan.

2. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday at least once. This morning I woke up to find this on Twitter:
"I wake up next to the most beautiful person ever! :)"

3. Whenever I'm feeling down or sick or bored he always says, "I think you need some ice cream!"
(I guess I should give his parents credit for that one)

4. He sings to me daily. Usually the songs don't make any sense but those are the best ones. A recent diddy went something like this, "My Cuddlebuuuggg, love her today, she's beautiful today, and tomorrow, I like her bangss...oh yeahhhh... Thank you."

5. He's so excited to be a dad someday. He always says stuff like, "Can you imagine a little baby cuddling with us?" or "Imagine holding a baby and it reaches up and touches your face with it's little hand." These thoughts make me melt into a big old puddle.

Love you Mr. Lopez <3

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