Monday, January 9, 2012

House Tour: Living Room

Of all the rooms in this big ol' house I decided to focus on the living room first because that's where
people congregate. After the wedding we purchased the furniture and started decorating. I pretty much love it so far. We need some curtains but I'm holding out for the perfect ones.

I've longed for a ceramic deer head for as long as I can remember!
I finally found one in our price range at Z Gallerie and I'm in love with it!
Some people think it's weird and that I'm crazy, but it's a good conversation piece.

Peeking into the kitchen from the living room.

This is where we pile our newspapers.

This is where I put things that need to go upstairs. If I went upstairs every time I needed to put something away I would have the calves of a goddess. But I don't.
(You people with stairs know what I mean)

The comfiest cuddle chair ever! Tim and I fit perfectly in it.

On Christmas my dad took down our ugly generic light fixture and put up our awesome $30 find.
A turquoise chandelier!? Love it!


  1. Woa! Can we just talk about how awesome that ceramic deer head is...I MEAN SERIOUSLY!

  2. I love it all!
    I cannot wait to see the rest of the rooms!