Monday, June 18, 2012

Random iPhone Photos

Time to clean out my phone again!

W A R N I N G : L I N U S  O V E R L O A D !!

He has these little bacon cookies that he loves so much that he has to eat them in private. One day
I noticed him putting them in Tim's backpack to eat later. A few days later I found him stashing it in some luggage and going back later to eat it inside. I like to call it his "Snack Shack".

Last weekend Tim sold merch for Shai Hulud while they were in So. Cal. I got to tag along to one of the shows. Those guys are so darn sweet. A guy came up to the table and said, "Sooo you guys sellin' records?" Ummm....

Our little guy lost all of his teeth and by the time we got home from Sacramento he had his new ones!
Every time I see his little buck teeth I smile!

 Here's some proof that he's part wiener dog! Look at that silly long body!

Last night he kept dragging his bed out of his crate to chew on so I took it and put it on the couch.
The sneaky little guy got up there and hopped into the bed that was teetering on the arm of the sofa.
What a little turd!

Tim and I have been feeling under the weather this weekend so we took turns cuddling

Linus got a new collar. I feel like the red makes him look older and more distinguished. 

The boy and I had a date to the Phelbotomist. Yay for blood work as a couple!

Sorry for the excess of "Linus"...Would you believe me if I told you that I held back on pictures of  him? 


  1. Such a proud mama!! These pictures are so cute Jenna! Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Katlyn xo
    The Dreamy Meadow

    1. Can you imagine when I have a real baby!? I'll have to have a separate blog! haha

  2. Linus is sooooo cute! I can't get over his lil pup face. :)


    1. Thank you! I sure hope his face stays this way :)

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  4. I totally believe you held back. Do you have pinterest? Because I could see you going crazy there. Like I do of my cats!

    He's far to cute.. and I love that he has a little place for his snacks. My little girl cat she takes her favorite clothes (ours) to a hiding place too!

    Did you say here's your sign? To the person asking if you sold records? haha.

    1. I never thought about Pinterest!!! Thanks for the idea :) I didn't think of saying that to that guy! lol...I was just in shock

    2. And you know what's funny I didn't even mean Pinterest - I'm not sure what I was really thinking - I meant instagram. But you could go crazy on pinterest too! :)

  5. OMG....Blake does that too. Sometimes I'll give my schnauzer a treat and he'll gobble it down with out a second thought. Blake wants his treat too, but he doesn't usually eat it. Sometimes he'll carry it around all day. You can't take it away from him, I guess he's just saving it. It's sooo funny.
    I hate to say it buy don't know who Shai Halud is. Am I old or what.

    I'm obsessed with Linus!!! I can never see too many pix of him. He's my favorite! Seriously! He looks like he has such personality. Tell Linus Blake says hi. I can't believe next monday will be another Puppy Party. This month has gone quickly.

    Linus seriously needs a crate cover. You shud look in my etsy shop. I need to make him one. Hope to see ya on Monday.

  6. Their little personalities are so funny! And no, you arent old! I wouldnt have known them if I hadnt have met my husband :) I'm dying over your crate covers!!!!! I'm pretty sure Linus needs one!!!