Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Calling All July Sponsors!!!

Well guys, the time has come....Starting next month I have to start limiting the sponsors located on my sidebar. I never thought the day would come but the blogging world is full of so many sweet, supportive ladies and I'm overwhelmed by the awesome response I've been getting lately.

It's getting to the point now where I am running out of room on my sidebar to share all of your wonderful blogs and I've even had to turn away some of those who have wanted to sponsor me. To organize all the links to your blogs, all of my current sponsors and ad-swaps will be moved to a new page on my blog dedicated to all of you who have supported me. 

Those of you who would like to sponsor me and have your blog featured on the sidebar, Linus has a good deal for you:

What does this mean?

 Each month there will be a limited amount of spaces available on my sidebar and they will cost $3.00 each. I know it's a random amount but I'm a little random :)

With your paid spot you will get:
- Your blog linked on the sidebar of my blog (immediately visible to everyone who visits this site)
- A featured post during that month.
- The opportunity to do a guest post and/or giveaway if you'd like.

Don't want to pay $3? That's okay! I still want to stick with all of the lovely sponsors that have supported me through the last couple months so I will have a dedicated page for the blogs I love and that will be free. If you're interested in doing a swap, that's where I will advertise your button.

Here are some of my stats:

-Average of 100-150 page views per day
-Average of 3000-3200 page views per month
-I advertise on FB and Twitter
-I love to support fellow bloggers and will do my best to get your blog noticed and find you new
friends in the community!

*I have 10 spots open for the month of July*

Spots are available on a first come first serve basis and will cost $3.00.

Email me at if you're interested!

Remember, I still want to do free ad swaps, your button will just be on a separate page.

Thanks again for all of your support and friendships!!!


  1. Well I'm to cheap to buy a sponsor but I will still have you on my side bar. i hope to see mine on your free page :)

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