Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Recap

Wednesday: I woke up still feeling sick so we took it pretty easy. Not 2 minutes after opening my eyes I was greeted by husband and puppy and a pile of presents in bed. Tim gave me a lot of amazing things! After getting ready my family came over and I got even more amazing gifts and we all went to lunch.  We came home to our two mint chip ice cream cakes (I guess I shouldn't have bought myself one :x ) and played with my stuff. 

I made these party hats just so we could take one decent picture. Linus was being pretty difficult so every picture it looks like we are strangling him.

My sister made this cute Instagram collage for me

This year I got the perfect combination of practical gifts to help me with Doe Eyed Dear ,like an awesome craft desk and a little photo shoot studio with backdrops and lights, and toys.

Yes, toys! Ever since I saw Sophie the Giraffe I've wanted her. Who cares if she's a babys chew toy!? I think its the most adorable thing ever and Tim bought her for me! 

And, are you ready for this?

My parents and my sister went in together and bought me a BLYTHE DOLL! Eeek!!! I still can't believe I own one. I pretty much spent the rest of the day looking at her and googling how to customize her! I cant wait to start!

(And yeah, thats a mannequin head in the background)

Thursday was Tim's birthday so I decided to bring him his presents in bed too! After opening gifts we  decided to go hit some balls at the driving range 

Then we went to Yardhouse for lunch where he had this ridiculously tall beer and was a happy camper. After a little nap and some more ice cream cake he decided that he LOVES golf and we went to another driving range!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty impressed with this driving skills. I'm a pretty good instructor :)
His last request for the day was sushi and who am I to say no to the birthday boy!?
I actually found a roll that I liked!!! Cross that off my 30 by 30 list!

We had a great two days and the celebration continues Monday when we go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs!

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  1. sounds like you got spoiled rotten! good for you ! What's w/that doll its so awesome! i never heard of it before!