Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sushi Take 3!

Tonight we went to sushi with Mike and Devon.
I decided to give it another try....I think that it's something I'll do every once in awhile
for Tim, but I'm not a fan.
I had fun hanging out with them though!!

When I whipped out my phone to take pictures as usual Mike said, "I've never met someone that
blogs." Funny how I think it's totally normal to take pictures of everyday things and of my food.

Our house got tp'd last night...
We are trying to think of who could havedone it so here are my top guesses:

1. Our crazy neighbors who fight and smoke weed.
2. The kid dressed as Freddy that Tim asked if he was a princess.
3. The kids that came well after the crowds had stopped and asked Tim for the whole
bowl of candy.
4. Our nice neighbors that came over to see how our first Halloween went and said,
"Yeah, you've just gotta be nice to everyone so they don't mess with your house."

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