Monday, November 7, 2011

Girls Night

Tonight was girls night. Heather came over for dinner.
I felt the need to impress her so I went all out.
Starting with the most complicated Mashed Potatoes known to man.
I was super excited to use these cute little "Prep Bowls" though!

I also made my very first meatloaf!
It turned out awesome and I used this super cute baking dish.

We let The Boy invade girls night for dinner <3

For some reason nobody wanted their picture taken...

After the usual trip to Target to walk around, we came home and made Pizookies!
All I could find were quiche pans, but they worked.

Then we watched 500 Days of Summer because Heather had never seen it and I'm tired of her
calling it 385 Days of Summer.

Day #4: Favorite Color.


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