Monday, October 24, 2011

Update from the doctors office

(Waiting for my appointment today)

Well...I had endoscopy last month and they removed some things and tested them and they came out benign.

I had a colonoscopy a couple weeks ago and got the results back today.
The polyp they removed from my colon was also benign.

All very good news but I can't help being a little disappointed that they didn't find anything.
I would rather them find the problem and fix it then to continue spending money searching for
something and feeling horrible.

Once the doctor found out that I was still experiencing the nausea and headaches
he decided it was time for a CT scan.

Next month I have an appointment to check out the cyst they found on my ovary.
I'm starting to feel like this is the neverending process!
Trying to stay positive and praying that things will be better .. sooner than later :)

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