Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aloha Day 3

Our 3rd day started around 6:30 am for our "Zipline Safari Adventure"!

I'm not a morning person, but being in Hawaii made it a little easier :)

Waiting for the rest of our group to arrive at the van

We took a quick van ride up to Kipu Ranch, a private family owned ranch. The most beautiful
place ever!

The safari started with a mile kayak trip up the river

We were all asked to line up so the leader could tell us a "Hawaiian Tale"
about the river and its surroundings.

Once we were almost to our destination it started raining. Needless to say, I paddled
a little harder but still ended up looking like a drowned rat!

Next was a hike to the 2nd destination

We ended up at a little lagoon that had a rope swing. I've never seen it, but this lagoon is
in Pirates of the Caribbean 4. This is where the mermaid funeral takes place.

I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I tried it...and I failed.
I forgot to lift my legs up and pretty much hit the water like a sack of potatoes.
It was still cool :)

After that we took a tractor/wagon ride up the mountain to our first zipline

Time to get suited up in the most awkward ensemble ever

It was sooooo amazing! I think everyone should try it at least once!

After two zipline courses we had a short hike to another swimming area that
had a mini zipline into the water and a dock 20 feet high to jump off of. When we
walked up there were turtles swimming around so I decided against a swim
for fear of....well...swimming with turtles.

Out of nowhere a fierce jungle cat surprised us!

After about a 2 mile hike through the hot, humid, jungle and losing a member of the group
to a broken arm, we ended at the river where we boarded a motor boat that took us back to the
van. Longest day we had there, but sooooo worth it!

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