Tuesday, October 18, 2011

30 Before I'm 30

Today I received an offer for an opportunity that I couldn't turn down.
Although I can't wait to divulge the information, I must wait just a bit longer.

This couldn't have come at a better time , for lately I've been feeling a little
lost. I'm more than sure it has to do with me being busy and overwhelmed the last year
planning the wedding and moving and now I feel a bit empty (Artistically of course. I have enough love to fill me 5 times over).

I've been inspired to make a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I'm 30 years old.
( That's only 5 years away, people!!!)

30 Things Before I'm 30

1. You + Me and Baby makes 3

2. Sell something I've created

3. Set up my Etsy Shop

4. Complete interior of home

5.Complete exterior of home

6. Anniversary photoshoot with The Boy

7. Travel to New York in the Fall

8. Build a stronger relationship with the Lord

9. Become a better cook

10. Take more photos

11. Throw several festive gatherings

12.Make the most epic Halloween Costumes for The Boy and I

13. Make couple friends to do couple things with

14. Make Thanksgiving Dinner

15. Find sushi that I like

16. Get more involved with church

17. Establish a tradition for every holiday

18. Take a spur of the moment trip

19. Make clothes for our baby

20. Be a bridesmaid

21. Buy a dog

22. Convince Tim that I'm funny

23. Possibly, maybe another baby

24. Be "that house" that makes the Christmas Light route in the newspaper

25. Go on a picnic

26. Go to Canada, ey!

27. Grow my hair out!

28. Go on a camping trip

29. Become successful enough to need business cards

30. Try every flavor of ice cream and All About Ice Cream

I'm feeling pretty confident that I can do this.


  1. I better get married before I am 30---so you should be able to cross off being a bridesmaid before you're 30 ha.