Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Hawaii post...I promise!

First some pictures that I forgot to put in yesterdays post!

Note to self: Don't wear that dress without a belt! It looks like a Mu-Mu!

Showin' off the shoes

Okay, here we are. Our last day. We got kicked out of our villa at 11am and our flight
wasn't until 8:30 pm so we had a lot of time to kill. Thank goodness for the rental car!
First we went exploring in Koloa:

Then we went to the Northshore:

See all those little white specks? Those are birds...a lot of them.

Then we paid $5 each to hike up to the light house and we couldn't even go in it!
They totally should've told us!

After that we drove to Princeville to see some of the islands most expensive homes
and exclusive resorts.

I'm not sure what this place is but it was a scenic turnout so I figured we should
photograph it:

By this time we were done driving around and ready to be home so we turned in the rental car
and headed to the airport. Just a short 4 hour wait :)
We were anxious!
We boarded at 8:30pm and got into LA at about 5am.
But, best honeymoon EVERRR!

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