Friday, October 2, 2015

Gender Reveal

I'm sure you've heard by now but.. IT'S A GIRL!

I've always wanted a girl but this whole time I just knew it was a boy so I was pleasantly shocked when the ultrasound tech told us He was a She! 

She's looking healthy and was dancing around like crazy. We were told that she is very petite and probably won't stand a chance in the WNBA.

Originally I hadn't planned on doing a gender reveal but since most people thought it was a boy as well, the idea of surprising everyone made it so much fun.

We told my family with a massive confetti balloon. 

Linus was only a little terrified 

Then we met up with Tim's parents at Disneyland and got to tell them over a birthday dinner for my father in law! It was perfect timing and exciting to tell him he was getting a Granddaughter for his birthday.

For our Life Group we met up at the cutest old fashioned ice cream parlor where everyone got a mystery packet of sprinkles

I'm so excited to be a girl mom! 

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