Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hawaiian Babymoon

I'm starting to feel the post vacation blues today so I thought I'd post some photos from our trip.

It was seriously the best trip we've been on in my opinion! I think the combination of just being so happy with where we are in life and not having any plans but to relax really helped. 

The resort was the most beautiful place I've ever stayed and we even got an awesome upgrade with a gorgeous ocean front view

My favorite time was after the sunset when we could just hangout on the beach and listen to the waves. I loved having the beach right there for us.

The first night when we got back from dinner we had a fun anniversary surprise!

The second night we returned to the most thoughtful gift for the baby!
Don't ask about the cake because when I was bringing it to Tim I tripped and flung it across the room.

Mornings were also pretty spectacular. I love waking up early with the time difference!

We went to the best hole in the wall breakfast place 3 times!

I just couldn't get over how beautiful everything was!
It was so hard to come home but this trip was definitely a great way to strengthen our relationship and
spend time daydreaming about our little girl :)

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  1. That place was beautiful!! And I loved that dress!