Wednesday, May 28, 2014

London (Picture Heavy)

After Ireland we had one day in London and we were bound and determined to see all that we could.
I'm pretty sure we walked around most of it and my feet still hurt!

St. Pauls Cathedral was right next to our hotel

I fell in love with all of the buildings. Just like New York but much older

I was really hoping we'd find one of these phone booths. Little did I know they were EVERYWHERE!

River Thames

Big Ben


Westminster Abbey


The details were so crazy

Hyde Park

We ended up on this street right before the parade. It was huge and it happens daily in front of the palace!

These guys were impressive. Playing instruments while riding horses and wearing crazy hats.

Hundreds of horses, then came the tanks

Buckingham Palace

The London Eye

Whew! That was a lot of photos. We had such a great trip but it feels soooo nice to be home.

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