Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dublin- Day 1

Hello from Ireland! 

I thought we'd never make it! Although the flight wasn't as bad as I was anticipating, the jet lag is so much worse. The first day was kind of a blur but I was able to power through feeling sick and tired. I'm hoping each day I'll get a little bit better!

When Tim told me we were renting a car I was a little terrified. I'm so glad we did though! He's doing a great job driving and it's giving us so much freedom! 

Tim worked from 9:00 to about 2:00 and then we went to the Temple Bar area to explore the cobblestone streets lined with pubs and cute shops

River Liffey

We stumbled across our first castle right in the middle of the city

Tim spotted a mint building in the background and made me take a pic


St. Pauls Cathedral

This little guy was running free and hopping over people who were napping in the grass!

Bike parking in front of Trinity College

We are staying at a country club on a beautiful golf course. These pictures were taken around 10 PM!

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  1. Such good pics. So pretty there! Much like this! Lol