Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've been slacking when it comes to the Disneyland pictures...but here they are.

This next one needs a little explanation...Right as we got on Small World Devon decided to take a picture of me...To get the perfect shot she leaned out of the boat and we heard a lady over the speaker say, "Watch your head!" I looked up just in time to see Devon almost smack her head on a pole as the boat took off. And of course she snapped the picture right as I snapped into sister mode and tried to save her life.

(Hideous...but funny)

Post almost getting her head knocked off

I'm not sure which ride this is, but don't we look good?

After a long day of Park hopping

Sorry there weren't more pictures...I didn't put my memory card in the camera and it couldn't hold very many .

Here are some pictures of my day with the Grandparents

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