Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I havent been able to update for a couple of days because I went home for Easter after work Saturday. When I got into town me and mom decorated Easter eggs and Mom got all Martha Stewart on me :). Then Sunday we had lunch at Grandma and Grandpas. Monday I didnt really do anything except I went to Target and bought a cute bathing suit...
Tuesday was Rays funeral. It was such a rough day for everyone. My family was very close to him and it was hard seeing them all so upset. Ray was probably the nicest man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. In my 22 years of knowing him I never once saw him upset or angry. He was always so pleasant to be around and would treat me and Devon like we were his own grandaughters. Its no wonder so many people showed up to celebrate such a wonderful man. He will be missed. February 5, 1940- April 4th 2009

And as for Project 365....I really suck. Buuutttt....White is the new Black (For nails anyways)

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