Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh yeah!

Also at work today...I was helping a man who is usually very nice and the transaction was going along swimmingly until he pauses, looks at me and says, "Can I tell you something?" All I could think was "Oh great! Whats this guy gonna complain about!?" but I put on my work face and used my fake work voice and said "Sure!" ...big mistake.."I just wanted to tell you that those glasses don't look good on you." does one respond to something like that? I just smiled and replied "Oh yeah? " and did a fake giggle masking my utter confusion about how a person could say such a thing to a total stranger...But wait, it gets better! He then said, "Yeah, there entirely too big for you and the black frames are just too much. You know who you look like?" Oh geez, sir..Do I really want to know? .."You look like that guy from the verizon commercials" to which I responded, "haha, yeah..have a nice day."

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