Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Over the weekend...

Sunday I went home to hang out with the mom. We went to the movies and saw I Love You Man (Paul Rudd is such a hottie) and on Monday we went to Morongo. We did quite a few laps around the casino but mostly played penny slots and video roulette. I only lost $7 at the end of the day so I didnt feel too bad :) And now for the super-crappy-lame-blah news... I got my work schedule for April and they cut my hours soooo much. The Credit Union is trying to save money so there go my hours. I dont know what I'm going to do...either find a cheaper place to live or a second job (both will be hard to do around here.) Anyways...Heather has plans to come out on the 18th and spend the night. I have my friend back for a day! I cant wait to go out with her.. Its been like a year.

I've kind of been lagging on Project 365 but thats only because I've been wearing boring outfits lately (ex. jeans and a sweatshirt). This will be my number 8. The Braid.

Lately it has become a permanent fixture on my head. I suppose its my way of throwing "hippie-chic" into my everyday life....

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