Monday, March 16, 2009


Today Blake and I went on an adventure to Downtown LA to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We took the train from Downtown Long Beach and got to Downtown LA in about an hour.

Going through Compton it was really crazy seeing all of the trash and homeless people who had
set up camp along the tracks.

Once we got to LA we had to find a bus (which stunk like feet!) that would take us to the museum .

There were some really cool contemporary art exhibits and lots of neat architecture and sculptures.

I definitely want to go back with a better camera.

We decided to leave around 5 and apparently this is the prime bus riding hour because every bus that passed us was full and the bus we eventually got on was beyond full...We were packed in like sardines and had to stand the majority of the way with the sweet aroma of urine and feet and body odor, Mmmm.

Then we caught the train back to Long Beach which was a little less sketchy and we made it back to Blakes truck to find a parking ticket to end our adventure :)

(Please excuse the awkward layout...I still dont get it)

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  1. Sounds fun ! But I can't even believe you on a bus !!